Prestashop Custom Stock Status

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Prestashop Custom Stock status is an excellent module to instantly know the stock status for specific products. It enables eCommerce enterprises to create custom pre-defined statuses for specific product quantity ranges, categories, and customer groups. Automating the stock status display saves precious time and removes unwanted errors.

The highlight features of this module are as follows:

  • Enable/Disable the default out of stock status for products
  • Create multiple Custom Stock Status for a single product
  • Customize stock status text color and size
  • Add text, an image, or an icon with the stock status title
  • Select priority in case of multiple statuses through rule settings
  • Select product quantity range for the status display through rule settings
  • Make rules to enable status display for specific products, categories, and customer groups
  • Display the status on the product page, Product Listings page or both

V1.7.0.0 to V1.7.8.0


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Detailed Features

Enable Custom Statuses For Product & Category Pages

Use the General Configuration settings of the Prestashop Custom Stock Status Module to perform the following actions:

  • Hide/Display the default out-of-stock status.
  • Enable/Disable multiple statuses on the same product
  • Decide the custom status display position on the product listings page, or product page, or both.

Customizable Custom Stock Status Label

Use this Prestashop custom stock status update module to add a new and engaging status label for your product. This enables you to add the quantity-based status title along with the supporting text, an image, or an icon for a clear and efficient display of stock status. You can set the color, font, text of the stock status label of your own choice. Also, you can keep changing them as per your need. 

Add Custom Stock Status Rules

Through this module, you can define and determine rules for each custom quantity-based stock status for products.

These rules include:

  • Set the priority for status in case of multiple statuses for a single product.
  • Set quantity range to automatically display the status when product is in the specified range 
  • Select the desired Customer groups to display the stock status
  • Select the product categories on which to display the custom stock status
  • Define particular products on which to display the custom stock status

Create Multiple Types of Statuses

Using this module you can create multiple statuses of three (03) different types. The types include:

  • Text Only
  • Icon & Text
  • Image Only

As per your need, you can create the custom and eye catching status labels to show the information like: COMING SOON, LAUNCHING SOON, ON DISCOUNT etc.


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