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Prestashop Invoice Payment Gateway module allows users to add “pay by invoice” payment option at checkout. Set rule-based management to enable customers to buy now and pay later. This module facilitates B2B customers to receive invoice before making digital payments. 

Key Features

  • Enable Invoice Payment option at checkout
  • Display invoice payment option based on
    • Selected customers and customer groups
    • Selected country and shipping method
    • Specific order amount and quantity range
    • Total paid and unpaid orders
  • Send automatic email reminder after set time period
  • Select order status and calculate payment days 
  • Add default order status for invoice payment method

V1.7.0.0 to V1.7.8.0


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Features of Prestashop Invoice Payment Gateway

Set Rules to Show Invoice Payment Option

With this module, users can choose to enable the invoice payment method on their store. The text to be displayed on the checkout can be customized and order status can be assigned. Additionally, you can add payment due time as well as send an automatic email reminder to customers for payment.

Choose Default Order Status Invoice Payment

With the Prestashop Invoice Payment Gateway module, you can choose to set default order status for orders that allow invoice payment method. You can also calculate payment days to send payment email to the customers. As the customers release payment, the order status can be changed.

Rule-based Management to Display Invoice Payment Option

Prestashop Invoice Payment Gateway module allows you to create multiple rules to display invoice payment option at checkout for the following categories:

  • Selected or all countries
  • Selected product or category in cart
  • Specific cart quantity and amount ranges
  • Selected customer and customer groups
  • Total paid and unpaid orders

Enable Invoice Payment Option at Checkout

Prestashop Invoice Payment Gateway module allows its users to add an option of invoice payment at checkout. Customers can choose this type of payment method and proceed with checkout without releasing any payment. When the order status changes, the customers will receive an email enclosing invoice to release payment at a later stage.

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