Prestashop Product Combinations Table Listing

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The Prestashop Product Combinations Table Listing Module is a convenient and effective module for B2B commerce. This module enables eCommerce websites to display all product combinations in a single table including a filter option to filter out the required products for purchase.

The key features of this module include:

  • Enable/Disable columns for display on the Product Combinations Table.
  • Display and Customize the Add to Cart button for an easy purchase option.
  • Enable/Disable Hide out-of-stock product variations.
  • Enable attribute Filters for easy access to the desired product from an extended list.
  • Display quantity-based discounts for products in single or individual columns.
  • Display the Combinations Table on various positions on the product page.
  • Display the module for only the products having specific attributes.
  • Enable/Disable the module display for specific customer groups and product categories.

V1.7.0.0 to V8.0.4

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  • 1 year extension updates
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Detailed Features of This Module

Select Product Attributes To Display in The Table

Customize the columns to be displayed in the Product Combinations Table. The column options include:

  • Product Detail including Image, and Weight.
  • Product Reference including ISBN, UPC, EAN13
  • Supplier Reference 
  • Stock Detail such as Stock Status, Stock Quantity, and Out of Stock Variations
  • Product Price
  • Add to Cart Button 

Customize the Add to Cart Button and Color option through the general configuration settings.

Customizable Filter For Table

Enable/disable filters on the Product Combinations Table for specific attributes through dropdown or check-boxes for easy selection of products. Customize the color filter display as color box, name, or both.

Discount Button Customization

Enable/Disable the discount column display for quantity-based product discounts. Display discounts as a single individual column for each product.

Set Table Position on the Page

Select the Product Combinations Table position on the product page from three different options

  • Below Add To Cart Button
  • Below Product Thumbnail
  • Before product page footer

Table View Settings

Select the Product Combinations Table, View settings to choose the product categories and customer groups for whom the table will be displayed. Select attributes to display the combinations table for products containing those specific attributes. 

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