Magento 2 Redirect after Login, Logout & Registration

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The Redirect extension comes in handy for providing your customers with the option of redirecting them to a page that would serve a purpose rather than routing them to a default page. Explore the options available to even establish redirects based on specific types of consumer groups.

Magento is designed to send users to My Account page. So, if you wish to automatically boost your conversion rate by something as simple as redirecting your visitors to a more suitable page, this extension is most certainly the way to go.

  • Allow or Block Redirects with the simplest of ease
  • Set up individual redirects with settings for registration, login and logout
  • Set up individual redirects with settings for each customer group
  • Choose to Redirect user to their previous page, default my account page, homepage or a custom URL
  • Supports Social Login, Simple & Ajax Based Login

Community: 2.1 - 2.3.x - 2.4.x | Enterprise: 2.1 - 2.3.x - 2.4.x

Magento 2 Redirect after Login, Logout & Registration

(2 customer reviews)



Features of Redirect After Login, Logout & Registration

Redirect after Registration

It is possible you have visitors that have not signed up to your website in advance. With this extension save them the hassle of having to browse all your products again, once they register. If this extension has been applied to redirect them to the same page, they will be exactly at the point they were prior to registration.

Redirect after Login

Sometimes a frequent customer will begin to peruse the products without signing in due to which they would be asked to login at the time of purchase. In this or any similar case, the extension will smartly allow your user to resume shopping at their redirected page instead of the ‘my accounts’ page as with default Magento 2 settings.

Redirect after Logout

Now to enhance your overall customer experience, use the extension for a more fruitful and unique redirect after logout. Encourage their revisit with a special goodbye or discounts and offers that attract their attention. Concluding each transition smoothly promotes the ease of a website’s functionality.

Frequently Ask Questions

  • Does it support Ajax based login?

    Certainly! Your user will be redirected to your designated page as the extension is completely compatible Ajax based login and popup.

  • If a visitor is browsing and clicks on the login page to sign-in, will the user be sent back to the same page?

    Precisely! Once your visitor has logged in or registered, this resourceful extension identifies their previous page and immediately sends them back.

  • Does it support Social login extensions?

    This extension is compatible with social login extensions, however, in the event that you have any concern you are welcome to contact the support team for swift resolution.

Customer reviews

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  1. 5

    Magento 2 Redirect after Login, Logout & Registration

    Magento 2 Redirect after Login, Logout & Registration

    Excellent support, got a bug and it was fixed in just few hours.
  2. 4

    Magento 2 Redirect after Login, Logout & Registration

    Magento 2 Redirect after Login, Logout & Registration

    The product is just fine, the support is excellent.