WooCommerce Ultimate Memberships

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The Ultimate Memberships for WooCommerce restricts elements of your store to members only and grants exclusive access to specific products, categories, pages, and posts. The plugin grants memberships to users based on product purchase, manual validation, and registration.

Key Features

  • Make multiple membership plans
  • Set the duration of membership-plan in days, date range, or unlimited period
  • Restrict access of content
  • Option to hide entire product, Add-to-Cart button, or price
  • Offer discounts in percentages or fixed amounts on selected products 
  • Enable custom tabs in the dedicated members’ area from the My Account page
  • Display available products, categories, blogs, pages, and discounts
  • Customize email notifications for membership activation, renewal, expired, pending, or ending soon
  • Distinct listing page for members
  • View member’s details including in grid view
  • Send notifications to members about new offers and more
  • Add various custom fields to display at membership registration
  • Supports nine field types
  • Allow field edits by admin and/or customer
  • Show/hide complete content or excerpt, or redirect to custom pages
  • Create custom redirects after login and registration
  • Exempt on-sale products from membership discounts
  • Exclude hidden products from listing pages
  • Show customized message to customers who access hidden content
  • Set up different messages for blog posts, pages, items, and discounts on purchases

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Billed annually at $99 / year

  • 1 year free support
  • 1 year extension updates
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Features of WooCommerce Ultimate Memberships

Create Multiple Membership Plans

Create multiple membership plans. Your members will be able to choose from a variety of membership levels and have access to specific products, categories, pages, and discounts.

Add Content Restrictions (Pages, Posts)

Ultimate Memberships plugin allows you to add restrictions for non-members to access posts, categories, pages, tags, and types. All other users and members will be unable to access the pages you pick unless they are on the specific membership plan.

Non-members who visit members-only pages can be directed to take a certain action in the settings. If a non-member tries to access a member-only page or post, you have many options: hide the page entirely, display excerpts, or redirect the non-member to another website.

Manage Product and Category Restrictions

With the WooCommerce Ultimate Memberships plugin, you can apply product and category restrictions. You can manage visibility of product and categories in four different ways:

Only members can view and purchase: Hide product from non-members and visitors. Members will be able to view and purchase.

Only members can purchase: Hide Add-to-Cart button from non-members. The price will be visible to all but only members will be able to view and purchase the product.

Only members can purchase and see prices: Hide Add-to-Cart button along with price for non-members. Only members will be able to view prices and purchase products. 

Only members can view: Only allow members to view the product without showing the prices and Add-to-Cart button. The products will be entirely hidden from non-members.

Restricted products can be kept out of search results and other listing pages by adjusting the settings. UL Membership > Settings > Visibility gives you access to this option.

Offer Discounts for Members

With this plugin, you can give members of this plan discounts on certain products and categories from the fourth discounts tab. Discounts can be specified as a percentage or a fixed amount for each product.

You can choose to Restrict Discounts by excluding on-sale products from the list. To apply this setting, go to UL Membership > Settings > General.

Configure Membership Status Emails

Set up emails and content for specific membership plans in the email tab, as well as send emails when membership plans are:

  • Activated
  • Pending
  • Ending soon
  • Ended
  • Renewed

This plugin comes with eight variables to include necessary information regarding membership statuses.

Display Tabs in Members’ Area

The plugin displays selected membership tabs under the Members’ Area on the My Account page.

Manage Members

Ultimate Memberships plugin allows you to manage members who are enrolled in more than one plan by listing them in a separate grid. Members can be filtered by their status, plan, and other variables.

Add new members or manage the details of existing ones including:

  • Membership plan, current status, start date, and end date
  • Custom fields data (profile fields)
  • Member Notes (Add a note for members and display it under the My Account > Members’ Area > Notes section)

Notify members with every new note submitted. 

Customize Member Fields

In terms of functionality, the Ultimate Memberships for WooCommerce plugin is out of the ordinary. Custom fields can be created to capture more information from your members. Maintaining a high-quality membership database is made easier by collecting more data.

Make Fields Dependent on Membership Plans

Current members who are enrolled in a certain membership plan will see fields that are specific to that plan. Depending on the user plan, these fields appear on the registration form for user accounts and alter accordingly.

Option to Redirect After Login and Registration

Users may be redirected to internal pages or custom URLs after logging in. As a benefit to the user experience, members are led to the appropriate section of the website based on their current plan.

Allow Custom Messages

You can display personalized messages to non-members for hidden blogs, pages, items, and discounts. For example, getting a discount on a product or page may necessitate signing up for a membership. The plugin offers different variables to make messages tailored and more engaging for clients.

Technical Compatibility

  • WordPress Version Required4.0.0 or Higher
  • WooCommerce Version Required3.5.0 or higher
  • Multi-Site SupportYes
  • LanguagesEnglish
  • WPML CompatibilityWPML Supported
  • TranslatableYes, Translation Ready
  • CountriesWorldwide

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