How to Restore Cancelled Orders in Bulk?

Restoring Cancelled Orders in Bulk

The Magento 2 Restore Cancelled Order extension streamlines the process of handling cancelled orders, providing a seamless experience for both administrators and customers. By offering the ability to quickly restore cancelled orders, you can improve customer satisfaction and maintain a smooth order management workflow. See how you can restore cancelled orders in bulk.

  • Go to ADDIFY EXTENSIONS > Addify Un Cancel > Configuration.
  • Choose “Yes” to enable/disable the extension.
  • Next, go to Sales > Orders. A list of orders will be displayed, showing complete order details.
  • You can un cancel orders in bulk from the Orders Grid. Locate the cancelled orders that you want to restore from the list. 
  • From the “Actions” tab, select “Un Cancel” from the dropdown.
  • The selected cancelled orders will be restored in bulk.