How to Restore Order Cancelled by Admin?

Restoring Order Cancelled by Admin

To restore an order that was cancelled by an admin using the Magento 2 Restore Cancelled Order extension, follow these steps:

  • Go to ADDIFY EXTENSIONS > Addify Un Cancel > Configuration.
  • Choose “Yes” to enable/disable the extension.
  • Next, go to Sales > Orders. A list of orders will be displayed, showing complete order details.
  • Locate the order that you want to restore from the list. You can restore a cancelled order in two ways:

From the Order Detail Page: 

  • Click on view order to open the Order Detail page. 
  • Restore the order by choosing “Un Cancel” at the top right. 
  • You will receive a success message, i.e., “Order Un Cancel Successfully”.

From the Orders Grid:

  • On the leftmost column of the grid, you will find checkboxes next to each order.
  • Select the checkbox for the cancelled order you wish to restore.
  • In the Actions dropdown menu located above the grid, select “Un Cancel”.
  • A pop-up confirmation will appear, asking you to confirm the restoration. Click on “Ok” to proceed.

By following these steps, the selected cancelled order(s) will be restored to their original status, effectively reversing the cancellation.