How to Automatically Switch Guest Users to Registered Customers?

Switching Guest Users to Registered Customers Automatically

Here’s how to automatically convert guest users to customers using Smart Customer Manager for WooCommerce:

Install and Activate the Plugin:

Begin your journey towards seamless customer management by installing and activating the Smart Customer Manager for WooCommerce plugin. This intuitive tool will revolutionize how you handle guest users within your WooCommerce store.

Access General Settings:

Navigate to WooCommerce > Customer Manager > General Settings. This is where you’ll lay the foundation for automatic guest conversion, streamlining the transition from guest users to registered customers.

Automatic Guest Conversion Configuration:

Dive into the Automatic Guest Conversion From Checkout section and explore the array of options available to tailor the guest conversion process to your specific needs:

  • Guest to Customer (New Orders): Embrace efficiency by checking this option, ensuring that guest users seamlessly transition to registered customers upon completing a new order. This streamlined process enhances user experience and fosters long-term engagement.
  • Enable Guest to Customer (Old Orders): Activate this feature to initiate the conversion of old guest orders to registered customers. By enabling the cron job setting, you pave the way for historical guest data to be integrated seamlessly into your customer database.
  • Cron Schedule: Define the schedule for the cron job to execute. Whether you prefer minute-by-minute precision or daily synchronization, customize the frequency to align with your store’s operational needs.
  • Minimum Spend: Set the threshold for minimum spending required to trigger automatic guest conversion. This ensures that only valuable customers are transitioned to registered status, optimizing resource allocation and customer segmentation.
  • Order Status: Select the order status(es) to which the automatic guest conversion should apply. Whether it’s pending payments awaiting resolution or successfully completed transactions, tailor the conversion process to suit your workflow.
  • Minimum Days Left After Last Order: Specify the minimum number of days that must elapse after a guest user’s last order before they are automatically converted to a registered customer. This feature prevents premature conversions and ensures that users have sufficient time to engage with your store before transitioning to registered status.
  • Select Country: Optionally, select specific countries for which the automatic guest conversion should apply. Whether you’re targeting local markets or expanding internationally, customize the conversion process to accommodate diverse customer demographics.

By configuring these settings, you can streamline the process of converting guest users to registered customers, thereby enhancing customer engagement and improving your WooCommerce store’s user management capabilities.