About WooCommerce Name Your Price 

Overview of WooCommerce Name Your Price

What does the plugin do

The WooCommerce Name Your Price is a great plugin for enabling open pricing on your online store. By setting the minimum and maximum prices, you can suggest a flexible price range to your customers and let them decide the final spending amount based on their preferences. The plugin involves easy setup, integrates well with other plugins, and proves particularly valuable for collecting donations.


Store owners looking to offer flexible pricing options in their online stores can utilize the WooCommerce Name Your Price plugin. The detailed features of the plugin are listed below:

  • Allow customers to choose the price they wish to pay
  • Make products available to a broader audience
  • Collect valuable data on customer price preferences for your products
  • Create as many open-price products as you want
  • Effortlessly integrate the plugin with other plugins and a range of product categories
  • Easily set up “name your price” option on your online store
  • Personalize field labels to match your branding
  • Modify upper and lower limits for input amounts
  • Grant customers the freedom to choose the final price
  • Collect donations through auctions or bidding 
  • Perform a price survey for your products
  • Refine your pricing strategy
  • Apply the open pricing functionality on specific products or categories
  • Set the minimum price, maximum price, and suggested price 
  • Generate personalized error messages
  • Form various rules to apply user-defined pricing
  • Hide original prices on products 
  • Apply “name your price” by user roles
  • Edit, delete, and perform bulk actions on existing rules 

Customization Options

To provide your customers with a memorable and exceptional user experience on your online store, be flexible in the prices of your products. Price flexibility becomes a breeze for online stores with the WooCommerce Name Your Price Plugin. Install the plugin in your store and let customers define the product price themselves. 

The customization options provided by the “Name Your Price” plugin include the following: 

  • Customize the text of field labels:
    • Suggested Price 
    • Maximum Price 
    • Minimum Price
    • Prices Options
    • Name Your Price
  • Personalize the text of error messages:
    • Minimum Price Error: This error message is triggered when users enter a price below the minimum price set
    • Maximum Price Error: This error message is triggered when users enter a price above the maximum price set
    • Negative Price Error: This error message is triggered when users enter a price below 0 (e.g.,-1,-2,-3)

Use Cases

  • Setting Up Reverse auctions
  • Products Bidding
  • Selling of used products 
  • Collecting Donations
  • Repurposing Dead/Outdated Stocks
  • Gathering Customer Information