How to Add Product Videos in WooCommerce

Product videos add great detail to your product pages. Showing a video demonstration of a product increases the chances of conversions and helps clear any confusion that the potential customers have about the product. Today we are going to discuss how you can add videos to the product gallery of your WooCommerce stores.

Add Videos to WooCommerce Store

You can add product videos to WooCommerce store by using 2 methods which are as follows:

  • Default Method 
  • WooCommerce Product Video Plugin

Let’s discuss each of the two methods and compare them in terms of usability, functionality, and customizability.

Default Method

By default, you can not add videos to the WooCommerce product gallery. You can, however, still, post self-hosted videos or videos from online platforms on your product pages by using the block editor(content section) of the product page. You can add videos to your products by using the following method:

  • Go to the desired block editor
  • Click on the “Add Media” button
  • Add the Video:
    • For self-hosted videos click on “Upload File”
    • For videos from online platforms click on “Insert from URL”
  • The video will appear in the content section of the product page.

Pro-Tip – See the comparison table of the default and plugin methods before you leave.

WooCommerce Product Video

WooCommerce Product Video Plugin allows you to add videos to the WooCommerce product gallery. Here are some key features of this plugin:

  • Add or Embed Uploaded Videos or Videos from Online Platforms
  • Add Custom Thumbnails for Videos
  • Add Multiple Videos in the Product Gallery
  • Choose from Multiple Layouts to Display Videos

For detailed features and documentation visit –


FeaturesProduct Video PluginDefault
Custom ThumbnailYesNo
Loop VideoYesNo
Add Video to Product GalleryYesNo
Customize Video VisibilityYesNo
Play Videos in PopupYesNo
Customize Size of Video BoxYesNo
Mute VideoYesNo
Auto Play VideoYesNo
Add Product VideosYesYes
Add Multiple VideosYesYes

Final Word

Product video plugin offers much more customization options and also allows to add videos to product gallery which the default method is incapable of doing. Also adding videos via default method would not be visibile on shop pages of your store but only on product pages while you can add videos to shop pages using product video plugin for WooCommerce.

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