Free and Helpful WordPress Plugins for New Websites

The best websites are the one that stands out in the crowd. Along with the quality content, the design of the website is equally important that has quite an impact on the audience. To make the website outstanding, it is helpful to incorporate various WordPress plugins for endless results.

To understand how to pick the best plugin for new websites, here are few tips:

  • List out important features
  • Check the reviews and ratings
  • Check if the updates are regular
  • Review support options

WordPress Plugins for New Websites

This article enlists the five most helpful WordPress plugins and their features to understand them in a better way.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the top-ranking WordPress plugin. The plugin aims to rank the website higher in worldwide search engines. This useful plugin guides you to create better content that has a quality to rank higher in search results. It focuses on creating quality content that is also SEO friendly. 

Through this plugin, you can choose the most appropriate keyword that will further be used in the content. It helps to properly set up killer content that has a good ranking so that the efforts don’t go to waste. The prominent features presented by this plugin are:

  • Estimated reading time 
  • Schema controls
  • Internal linking blocks
  • FAQ block
  • Function words check
  • Synonyms, related keyphrases and word forms
  • Redirect attachment URLs
  • Readability analysis
  • Breadcrumb controls
  • Structured data
  • Meta descriptions
  • Google preview
  • SEO analysis
  • Outbound links

Keep your website in perfect shape and get ahead of the competition with Yoast SEO.

Wordfence Security

Another plugin, Wordfence Security is the most popular plugin being used to ensure security. It includes an endpoint firewall and malware scanner to protect the WordPress website. It is the most comprehensive security plugin available. 

The plugin has the following main features:

  • Firewall protection
  • Malware scan
  • Blocking
  • Login security
  • Live traffic monitoring

The traffic on the website can be monitored in real-time. For added security, it allows Two Factor Authentication as well. 

Wordfence Security is an all-in-one plugin to rely on for the safety of a website.

Site Kit

Site Kit is the official plugin of WordPress. It is a google analytics plugin for insights regarding how the audience is using the website. It is a one-stop solution to make the website successful on the internet. It uses critical Google tools to deploy, manage, and get insights. It also provides updated information from multiple Google products directly on the dashboard of the website for easy access by users.

Site Kit connects services like Google Analytics to WordPress. It allows its users to configure everything in few clicks. From this plugin, users are able to check the statistics of their website from the dashboard. The powerful features of this plugin include:

  • Stats visible on the dashboard
  • Official stats from multiple Google Tools
  • Quick setup
  • Metrics for the entire website
  • Easy to manage permissions across WordPress


WP-Optimize is a powerful WordPress plugin for cleaning the database and website optimization. The plugin automatically plays its part in removing unnecessary data from WordPress. It also doesn’t require any manual queries, the plugin always keeps the database optimized to ensure the best performance. 

WP-Optimize removes all the spam and un-approved comments and posts to keep the database clean and running smoothly. It has the following useful features:

  • Clean and optimize database
  • Option to compress images
  • Allows to cache pages

It is a highly effective tool to keep the website running fast with optimum performance.

WooCommerce Background Image Plugin

WordPress and WooCommerce Background Image is a powerful plugin to set the background of new websites. The background can be displayed as images or videos based on the requirements. Owners of the websites can choose to set the background on specific products, categories, posts, or other pages. They can have a different background for various pages of the website. Along with that, multiple images can be uploaded at once which will change the background as a slideshow. 

This is one of the best plugins for new websites as it lets owners customize the background of their new websites in accordance with events like Christmas, Easter, New Year, and many more. This perfect extension has the following features:

  • Displays images and videos in the background of a website
  • Enables different background options for different pages
  • Video can be embedded from YouTube
  • Slideshow of multiple images to make it look enticing

The plugin offers full-time support and lifetime upgrades to its users.

WooCommerce Custom User Registration Fields

WooCommerce Custom User Registration Fields enables its users to collect additional information about the customer with the option of custom fields. Through this plugin, the custom fields can be easily included as part of the registration forms. This plugin allows the addition of multi-select options, dropdowns, checkboxes, dates, file uploads, and a lot more useful functions. With the help of this plugin, custom registration fields can be easily obtained, users can add new field additions to the ‘My Account’ page. There is also an option to make the fields mandatory or optional for the customer based on the requirements of the users. 

The custom user registration field plugin is helpful to know potential customers the moment they register on the website. This customer information can be useful for collecting analytics and marketing strategies.

The best features available with this plugin are:

  • Unlimited additional fields
  • B2B related fields
  • Custom field types
  • Activate default fields
  • Display field on the checkout
  • User roles dropdown
  • Manual approval of new users
  • Data reflected in ‘My Account’
  • View fields in admin panel
  • Email notifications for admins and customers

Concluding Remarks

Selecting a perfect plugin for the website is not easy. There is a pool of plugins available and not every plugin is equally great. The best decision can be made based on the requirements of the website. 

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