WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Sales During this Holiday Season

Since the holiday season is right around the corner and to make this holiday season memorable for your customers, Addify brings you best WooCommerce plugins that will be helpful in boosting your sales during this holiday season.

Best Plugins to Boost Sales During Holiday Season

Below is the list of plugins that can help you to get the most out of the holiday/year-end sales. By using these plugins you will be able to improve your eStores’ pages, announce tempting offers, and compel users to buy more from you store, check details:

  1. Gift Card for WooCommerce
  2. WooCommerce Product Labels & Stickers
  3. WooCommerce Buy Now Button
  4. Pre-Order and Backorder Manager for WooCommerce
  5. WooCommerce Advanced Free Gifts
  6. Store Locator for WooCommerce

Now let’s explore how each of the above plugins can play a part in improving your eStores’ sales. 

Gift Cards for WooCommerce

What better way to kick off this holiday season than starting by gifting gift cards to your loved ones which they can then use to buy anything from the store. 

In the image below you can see how you can attract customers by offering events-specific gift cards which will eventually compel users to buy more from your store.

best woocommerce plugins

The Gift Cards for WooCommerce plugin helps you create unlimited gift cards for your store and claim your share in the $100 Billion gift card market.

Using this plugin you can provide customers with customized gift cards according to each event or simply let customers customize their own gift cards by adding a custom image, and sender/recipient details, and adjusting gift card value.

To know more about features and pricing visit – https://addify.store/product/gift-card-for-woocommerce/

WooCommerce Product Labels and Stickers

WooCommerce Product Labels & Stickers is the perfect plugin to decorate your store for this holiday season. It allows you to add labels and stickers to your products on product and shop pages. 

In the image below you can see how you can decorate your product page to encourge users to purchase more which will result in more sales.

best woocommerce plugins

Add discounts according to an event or holiday and promote them using labels and stickers.

Using this plugin you can add default WooCommerce labels and stickers, customize from existing templates or upload custom labels and stickers to make your discount offers more visible.

To know more about features and pricing visit – https://addify.store/product/woocommerce-advanced-product-labels-and-stickers-plugin/

Quick Buy Now Button for WooCommerce

Buy Now Button for WooCommerce can help you streamline the checkout process hence allowing customers to complete their purchases quickly during the holiday season. 

In the image below you can see how you can add a “quick buy now” button to help your customers to buy more in less time.

best woocommerce plugins

Most of the servers can’t handle the increased traffic during the holiday season hence resulting in server crashes which leads to slow site speeds. 

What you can do is shorten the checkout process by eliminating the unnecessary steps from it by using the WooCommerce buy now button which allows customers to purchase a product with a single click.

This plugin allows customers to go directly to the checkout upon clicking the buy now button hence removing the shopping cart and the review process.

Note – Customers will have an alternate option of adding the product to the cart if they’re purchasing multiple products, this plugin is suitable for single-product purchasers.

To know more about features and pricing visit – https://addify.store/product/woocommerce-buy-now-button/

Pre Orders for WooCommerce

It is highly frustrating for customers to see “out of stock” products when they visit your store during the holiday season. 

In order to avoid customer frustration which could lead to loss of potential sales, we recommend you use Pre Order and Backorder Manager for WooCommerce. 

In the image below you can see how you can take preorder for products before their release date, hence increasing anticipation and generating sales before product launch.

best woocommerce plugins

It allows customers to book their desired products before their release or book out-of-stock products so that they can buy automatically when the product is restocked.

Using this plugin you can set up a complete pre-order and backorder management system, which will allow users to book items before their release date or before they are back in stock.

To know more about features and pricing visit – https://addify.store/product/pre-order-for-woocommerce/

WooCommerce Advanced Free Gifts

Who doesn’t like free gifts? Increase sales this holiday season by offering free gifts to customers with every purchase they make using WooCommerce Free Gifts. 

In the image below you can see how you can gift customers products on purchases.

best woocommerce plugins

Add predetermined gifts to the customer’s cart on a purchase or let the customer choose from a list of products to take as a gift.

This is a highly customizable plugin that gives you the option to set criteria for receiving a free gift, restrict gift offerings by user roles and send gifts directly to users from the admin panel.

To know more about features and pricing visit – https://addify.store/product/woocommerce-advanced-free-gifts-plugin/

Store Locator for WooCommerce

Help customers find your physical stores more conveniently this holiday season by harnessing the power of Google Maps by using Store Locator for WooCommerce. 

In the image below you can see how you can facilitate customers in locating your physical stores and their operational hours.

best woocommerce plugins

In addition to showing store locations, you can also show the available inventory for stores accordingly, and make it easier for customers to locate their desired products from your store.

This is a highly informative plugin where you can show store timings, their exact coordinates, and product availability status.

To know more about features and pricing visit – https://addify.store/product/woocommerce-store-locator/

Final Word

The reason why so many eCommerce experts emphasize the importance of eCommerce sales during the holiday season is that last year all the eCommerce stores combined made a whopping $225 Billion in revenue. Hence if you’re out of luck now in going big in eCommerce, you can also boost your sales in the coming holiday season by using these 6 plugins by Addify.

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